10 iso-friendly things to do this Easter weekend

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Here’s 10 things we’ll be doing this Easter long weekend to keep us sane, whilst adhering to the current climate.

1. Prioritise your self-care

There’s probably been a time when life ‘simply gets in the way’ of prioritising our own personal self-care; it shouldn’t, however sometimes it's reality. Now is your chance to focus on you. Maybe it’s as simple as a face mask or a hair mask, or even a long, relaxing bath. Put energy into rewarding and caring for yourself. It’s not often that time stands ‘still’, so while we can, we’re maximising as much self-love as possible!

2. Keep moving with the Fitstop App

Start your day with a Fitstop LIVE workout through the Fitstop App! Sweating it out with your community in real-time not only gives you your daily dose of socialisation, but also keeps us accountable. We’re adjusting to a virtual way of life but one thing we haven’t compromised are our hands-on trainers (figuratively, of course). With these sessions held in real-time, our trainers are focused on coaching your technique, championing you on and ultimately keeping you moving. It'll be the best 30 minutes of your day as these virtual sessions services many human needs - your health and a sense of belonging. 

3. Spend quality time with your loved ones 

Whether that be your partner, your pet or your kids, lock in some quality time with those in your home. We love the idea of an at-home date night, ordering your favourite local takeout, or cooking something special. Maybe it’s playing ball in the yard or the hallway with your dog. Or we’re sure most kids (and the kids at heart) would love an Easter egg hunt around the house. There’s plenty of ways we can give our undivided attention to those we love (and live with).

4. Read a book

Give your eyes a break from binging the latest tv series with a good, hardcover book. There’s a number of benefits to reading, including strengthening your brain, building your vocabulary, reducing stress, and aiding your sleep.

5. Facetime your friends and family

We have never been more connected, virtually. Stay in touch with friends and family via the likes of Facetime (or video call). Enjoy your lunch together or just call to check in. The more people you connect with virtually, the less isolated you will feel.

6. Rest and recharge

Take this weekend as an opportunity to rest and recharge. There’s no expectation that you need to be productive one hundred percent of the time. Getting some quality sleep will also increase your performance in many facets of your life.

7. Meditate 

If you don’t already, practising meditation can improve your mental and emotional health. Training your mind, reducing your stress levels and becoming more self aware, can all be beneficial during this unusual period. Thankfully, meditation can be done anywhere, anytime, and for any newbies, a great place to start is with some guided meditation through Apps like Headspace or Calm.

8. Stretching

Spending 10 minutes stretching your body can leave you feeling regenerated after a big week of training, or especially with the recent transition to a more sedentary lifestyle for most. Try adding a foam roller to your regime, or look at practicing a yoga flow or floor pilates. This could be your opportunity to try moving your body in ways you never have before (provided it’s safe for you to do so). 

9. Get some fresh air

Exercising outdoors is currently permitted, whilst maintaining social distancing and isolation expectations. Safely going for a walk in your neighbourhood can be an instant mood booster, as is sitting outside on your balcony with a board game or book, enjoying the fresh air. 

10. Bake some chocolate alternatives

Baking is a form of creativity! With all this talk of chocolate, we wanted to share a tasty, chocolate alternative recipe from the Refine You Challenge.  Find our crowd favourite, Chocolate Brownie recipe here.

However you choose to spend this Easter weekend, stay safe and appreciate time with your loved ones and yourself. Find more tips on keeping fit and healthy on our blog.

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