Benefits of Burpees

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What do elite athletes and Fitstop have in common? We love our Burpees!

I can hear the groaning now… but just keep reading and I promise you will be ready to make friends with Burpees! 

Burpees are the ultimate exercise because they work your muscles from head to toe, promote fitter and stronger bodies, and challenge everyone no matter their fitness level. If that isn’t reason enough, then check out the other benefits to including this exercise regularly into your fitness routine…


They make you stronger

Every movement has you shifting your entire body weight, which makes it a great addition to any strength training routine.


They’re great for conditioning

Burpees are a dynamic exercise that incorporates the whole body. They challenge your endurance and get your heart rate up – fast!


They burn calories

Burpees burn your legs, your lungs and calories! Thanks to their high intensity status and whole body workout you will burn 50% more fat than if you did moderate intensity exercise. An added bonus is that you can look forward to a boosted metabolism throughout the whole day, meaning you will be burning more calories even after you finish the session.


No equipment needed

The only thing you need is you and enough space to lay flat! You can get your daily Burpee allowance in by hitting the closest park, in your office or living room.


You can change them up and add them to other exercises for a Super Workout!

Here are a few our Fitletes love…


Burpee Pull ups - Burpee in front of a pull up bar, using your jump to grab the bar and do a pull up. Go for 5 -10 at speed! And if you can’t do any more pull ups, simply grab the bar and do 2 knee tucks.


Burpee Box jumps - Burpee in front of a box or a high surface, then do a box jump. Do 5 – 10 at speed for a great heart rate lift and whole body burn!


Burpee Plank jumps (partner or on own) - One partner holds a plank; while the other does a Burpee next to them then jumps laterally over their legs onto their other side and repeats. Do 10 totally then swap positions! OR do 10 as fast as you can then hold a plank for 30s, repeat this 3 times without a rest. 


But what is a burpee EXACTLY?


Let’s be clear on what a BURPEE really is. Starting in a standing position you put hands to the ground and jack your feet back into a plank, then into a push up with chest to ground - then you reverse that movement by going plank, jack feet into squat stand and add a jump with hands in the air to finish it all off!


There you have it team. If you want to get fitter, stronger and burn more calories, then Burpees are your go-to exercise!

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