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Here at Fitstop, we’re all about progression and results.

We’re saying no to yo-yo dieting, nutritional fads, and unsubstantiated dietary advice. And we’re doing this with a program that is based around long term, sustainable results.

The Fitstop Refine You Challenge is a six week program that combines training and nutrition; laying down the groundwork for a healthy body, great nutritional habits, and a scientifically-based approach to eating that will leave you in the best shape (and keep you there).

How does it work?

As a Fitstop member, all you need to do is sign up for the challenge and attend sessions! Make sure you bring along a good attitude, a desire to reach your goals, and an open mind! The challenge consists of a tailor made nutrition plan, as well as regular gym sessions based around our six week progression plan - plus a fun Social Saturday class to keep you motivated!

Who is it for?

The beauty of this challenge is that it's accessible to anyone of any age and fitness level. This is because (unlike other fad-like programs) the Refine You Challenge is based around the basic principles of Fast, Fit and Functional training that makes up our unique formula at Fitstop.

You set yourself realistic goals, stay consistent with your nutrition, work with experienced trainers, learn from our in-house Dietitian and log your progress using a specialised app. It's simple, it’s effective and it's for everyone.

What support do I get?

Transforming your body and mind isn’t a task that’s easy to undertake alone. You’ll need the help of both mentors, peers and our trained experts to get you there. We understand that people thrive in a community, which is why we’ve designed this challenge in a way that allows us to work together towards our goals.

Throughout the Challenge, there are two body scan sessions to gauge progress - before and after. This will give you an insight into what your goals should be, and how to approach them - as well as letting you know how the recommended nutrition plan and training has played out.

In addition, you’ll undergo two fitness 'test' sessions to determine your Fit and Functional training abilities. These sessions are with trained professionals, who will give you valuable feedback to help you on your journey.

Finally, if you undertake the challenge, you’ll have the backing not just of our trainers and in-house Dietitian, but of the Fitstop community as a whole. We’re a friendly bunch, and we love seeing people hit (or exceed) their goals.

How is this different to other ‘challenges’?

The Refine You Challenge isn’t about self-deprivation or unsustainable dieting. It’s about showing our members the power of incremental change, planning and functional fitness. Our meal plans are designed for real people, and our workouts are anything but boring.

By the end of the Refine You Challenge, our goal is that people will be equipped with the knowledge which they can apply into maintaining these positive lifestyle changes. This isn’t about losing a whole heap of weight, only to put it back on later - it's about learning how your body works, and taking advantage of that knowledge. Refining you and refining your lifestyle!

Training, nutrition and education

The Refine You Challenge is all about learning. The program is flexible and easy to work with, so you can respond to your training needs quickly and effectively - without having to go back to the drawing board.

And the food? It’s tasty and wholesome. Every meal is designed by our in-house Dietitian, Claudia Cramer, who knows exactly how to fuel functional fitness (without cutting back on flavour and fullness.)

To get the most out of this lifestyle inspired, results driven program, we have an education portal featuring weekly blog posts by our in-house Dietitian, as well as a bunch of great resources on fitness topics that will leave you functionally fit, and living your best life.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get Fit and Functional - Fast! Refine yourself with Refine You. Register today!

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