Fitstop’s Top 5 Stretches for Performance!

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Stretching is often the last thing we want to do after a big session, right? You may be ahead of the game and stay to stretch after each session, or maybe you’ve left without stretching one, two (or a lot more) times. We’ve all been there, and that’s because stretching takes motivation and discipline on top of what’s already used for completing sessions every week! 

Well, from today, we’re prioritising stretching! It’s absolutely essential to maximise performance, reduce risk of injury and maintain results. This is extra important at Fitstop as we love to train hard which means we need to recover harder, otherwise something is bound to give! 

Fitstop’s top 5 stretches:

We have selected our 5 favourite stretches that are tailored to our type of training. It’s time to recover from your sessions, move more freely, perform better and get a greater range of motion during sessions!

1. Pigeon Stretch 

This one is a great way to stretch through the hips, glutes and hamstrings. This will improve your mobility, enabling you to feel more comfortable through a variety of movements at Fitstop -  particularly squats, deadlifts, lunges and jumping!

Aim to hold for 3 minutes on each leg, sinking deeper as the 3 mins goes on

2. Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch

Stretch out the hip flexors and lengthen through the quads - a GREAT one if you spend a lot of time sitting throughout the day. This can also help reduce knee pain!

Aim to hold for 1 min each leg x 3 rounds

3. Spinal Twist Stretch

This one targets the back of your body - your glutes, lower back and right through to your upper back. Twisting through the spine can help reduce back pain and improve back flexibility, which is super important when we think about loading our body with weights in sessions.

Aim to hold for 3 minutes each side, twisting further as the 3 mins goes on.  

4. Lat Stretch

Shoulder and lat mobility is incredibly important when we think about front squats and anytime we are pressing overhead. This stretch will help you lengthen through the side of your body and through the shoulders (bonus little hip stretch too).

Aim to hold each side for 2 mins x 2 rounds. 

5. Chest Opener

Quite often, on top of a lot of chest work through your Fitstop sessions, we spend a lot of time on computers or phones in a hunched over position. This one can help counteract this and ensure you can lengthen through your chest and avoid shoulder niggles. A bonus with this one is an improvement in wrist movement and strength, helping with various movements in your Fitstop sessions!

Aim to hold for 1 min x 3 rounds. 


As always, reach out to your Fitstop team if you have any questions or would like further stretching recommendations! We can’t wait to see your performance improve as your body feels how it should! 


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