How to Encourage Friends or Family to Start Their Fitness Journey

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How to Encourage Friends or Family to Start Their Fitness Journey

Keeping yourself motivated to maintain your own health and fitness can be challenging at the best of times. The temptation to skip the gym, eat unhealthy food, and prioritise other aspects of your life is always there. At the end of the day, health and fitness, while enjoyable, is never easy. Over time, we develop our own strategies to maximise our own willpower and self-determination, but articulating these strategies to other people is often rather difficult.

Everyone has people around them who could benefit from gym membership and fitness. Whether its a close friend, your family members, or even your coworkers, the decision to make healthier lifestyle choices and get fit is one of the most important changes that anyone can make. Here’s a simple guide to making sure that your friends and family get the most out of life.

Be positive

The easiest way to make sure that your friends and family never step foot in a gym is to incite negativity. Saying things like, “you need to lose weight” or “your fitness is really poor” are surefire ways to keep people locked into negative habits.

Instead, frame the experience in positive terms:

“You’d love my gym, the Functional sessions are just so much fun and I’ve already lost 3kg! They have a free trial, would you like to come check it out with me?”

“I’ve noticed your new walking regime has had some great results. You look a lot healthier already. Would you like to really take it to the next level and come for a free trial at my gym? It’s heaps of fun!”

If you make your friends and family think about working out and living healthy in a positive light, it will be much easier to convince them!

Deal with their excuses - kindly!

Obviously, not all excuses are so readily remedied, but the point stands. Take the time to listen to any reasons why they might not want to embark on their fitness journey. There are often easy remedies, and people just need a nudge in the right direction!

Make them part of your community

One of the most daunting aspects of joining a gym or other fitness group is the fear of the unknown. To a lot of people, learning how to use gym equipment, to play a new sport, or even just how to plan their exercise routine, is a scary prospect, especially when they’re surrounded by people they don’t know.

Take the time to introduce them to your fitness family, and make them feel at home. Walk them around, show them the ropes, and introduce them to the trainers and any of your training buddies. 

Remember to encourage your friends and family to grab their first session free!

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