How to Maintain Those Hard-Earned Results

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How to maintain those hard-earned results


First of all, congratulations on making it to the sixth week.  If you have made any changes in the last six weeks (big or small) you should congratulate yourself.  It is not a lot of time in the grand scheme of things and by adding any healthy habits to your routine; you will continue to reap the benefits well after the challenge ends.   But, before we get to the finish line, here are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind for when you finish the challenge.    


1.      Don’t completely flick the switch.  Keep that motivation from the last 6 weeks.  Often, we get in an ‘all-or-nothing’ framework which can potentially lead to an unhealthy relationship with exercise and food.  Still allow yourself to enjoy those ‘sometimes’ foods and try not to attach any emotion or guilt to it. One good meal won’t completely change your life just like one ‘bad’ meal won’t ruin all of your hard work.  Allow yourself to enjoy these foods in moderation and get right back on track the next meal. 

2.      Stick to you meal prepping. This is absolutely essential.  If you are always prepared with good food, you’ll always eat good food. Just because you’re ‘off-challenge’ for a few weeks does not mean you have to give up good habits.  

3.      Opt for homemade food over takeaway. As with the previous point, meal preparation and home-cooked meals are generally cheaper, healthier and as an added bonus you know there aren’t any hidden added preservatives or sugars in there.  A few recommended recipe resources are: and

4.      Try to purchase less packaged food from the supermarket.  Packaged products are not only more expensive (because of the extra labour etc.) but can have less vitamins, minerals, and more preservatives and not to mention the added shelf-stabilising ingredients. 

5.      Continue to book in to your Fitstop sessions. This will ensure that you make a plan to continue to prioritise your fitness.  It is recommended to train 4-6 times a week and a full rest day (including a sleep in) is critical. This will ensure adequate recovery and recharge your batteries.



There is more nutrition specific information (how to eat post-challenge) within the challenge portal.  

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