Introducing the NEW Fitstop Challenge

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Introducing the NEW Fitstop Challenge

A Fitstopper is always striving to achieve more, all in the pursuit of unleashing their limitless potential! Knowing Fitstoppers consistently want more from themselves, it’s only in our best interest to give MORE! So we’ve found the way to fuel the inner athletes of Fitstop, ensuring progression is consistently experienced and real results are achieved! Using this passion to inspire and empower, we’re so proud to deliver the brand new Fitstop Challenge now in the Fitstop App! 

About the Fitstop // 6WC

The Fitstop Challenge puts performance and progression at the forefront - where each Challenger progresses their performance via tracking their results, using insights to evaluate their progress at each stage, complemented with healthy yet tasty, nutritionist approved recipes to fuel their bodies! 

Fitstop inspires healthier, happier humans on the daily - our methodology positions us at the top of the market for progressive training. However embracing the mindset of achieving more, the Fitstop Challenge has been designed for the Fitstopper who demonstrates relentless determination; they are ready to level up. 

Forget overtraining, low calorie meal plans and achieving unsustainable results, the Fitstop Challenge difference is PROGRESSION! Get ready to enhance your performance and be able to track it all in the palm of your hand! 

Unleash your potential with brand new features:

My Commitment 

  • Self accountability all starts with defining your WHY! Choose your major motivations, list your ‘why’ and log current and intended habits - the data will do the rest for you. 

Body Composition

  • Track your Body Composition details right in the Fitstop App! Jump on the Inbody Scanner in your Fitstop location and once done, input your goals and results into the App - gone of the days where you need to look elsewhere for your results. Easily see your real results with each Challenge you complete!

Performance Benchmarking 

  • Your progression is quite literally in the palm of your hand! Enter your performance benchmarking results and goals, and see your progression of your 4 major lifts graphed right in the Fitstop App! And just like Body Composition tracking, the more Challenges you complete, the more performance points you will see graphed!

Nutrition Guide

  • You may have heard the term ‘food is fuel’ - this is an essential philosophy for the upcoming Fitstop // 6WC! Your nutrition guide will be based on a calorie range that suits your goals and basal metabolic rate (identified) during your Inbody Scan. We want you to feel empowered to make informed decisions around your nutrition habits!

Recipe Library

  • Expect delicious, nutritionist approved recipes that support your training efforts and work towards the overarching goal of improved performance and progression! The best part - the recipes are SEASONAL, keeping the Fitstop Challenge menu fresh and exciting. You can always ‘heart’ your favourite recipes so we know the faves too!


Up for the Challenge? 

Starting 15 May, you don’t want to miss out on this incredible opportunity to elevate your performance in 6 weeks with Fitstop! We’re anticipating a record breaking number of Fitstoppers partaking in our brand new Challenge. If you have what it takes to Challenge yourself, register now via

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