Long Term Sustainable Habits

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Long Term Sustainable Habits

As we near the end of the first Fitstop Challenge, it’s time to think about the feeling of accomplishment once the Challenge is completed and how you can integrate this feeling into a strong everyday routine. 

The good news is that for a habit to be sustainable, it should be easy - and this is okay! The temptation is there to push ourselves into making routines that incorporate 100% clean eating, waking up at 5am every day, switching milk coffees to long blacks (the HARDEST) or keep smashing PBs week on week. If this sounds like a familiar routine that works for you, great! If not, remember the hardest work has been done by completing the Challenge. It’s now time for a simple, consistent and achievable routine as this is the best way to form sustainable habits. 

A great aspect of the Fitstop Challenge is that it’s designed with progression at the forefront of the Challenge, and progression means sustainable (and long-term) improvement. Creating long-term sustainable habits is imperative to maintain results post-Challenge. 

Here are our top tips to create sustainable habits post-Challenge: 

1. Attend at least 3 sessions a week 

We want the results from the Challenge to work in the long-term, so if you wish to complete another Challenge season your performance will continually progress so you aren’t starting each Challenge from square one. The easiest way to achieve this is to maintain your Fitstop streak and attend a Fit, Fast and Functional session each week. 

2. Create a new routine 

Creating a new routine is pivotal as the intensity and hype of the Challenge is no longer there to solely motivate you. Instead, find a healthy routine that seamlessly integrates into your everyday life. We all love socialising, relaxing on holidays and eating out - you should be able to continue this without restriction - particularly after coming out of a Challenge, there should be no fear of losing your hard earned results.  


3. Focus on recovery 

There’s no doubt you may be feeling a bit sore from running faster, lifting heavier and improving your FIT times week on week. Whilst you have your final push for week 5 and 6, it’s important to plan recovery activities once you finish the Challenge. A way to do this is to integrate fitness into your leisure time with walking with friends, stretching and mobility with the in-App Fitstop Flexible Series. The key point here is to keep moving and being active! 

4. Define your WHY for the next Challenge 

With four Challenges each year, you're able to refocus and redefine your goals as the seasons change. It’s important to evaluate what you achieved after this Challenge, where you want to be before the next Challenge and how you can create a routine that will get you to this point. Whilst it may seem tricky now, it’s highly likely that you can progress even further than you already have! 

It’s time to finish these final weeks STRONG and focus on progression and performance - we cannot wait to see your fantastic results!

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