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Life throws us curve balls on the reg. Catch them and enjoy the ride.


Being in the fitness industry for over 4 years now I slowly started to see the hidden, daily struggles that most people go through. Whether it be struggling with bills, lost one’s or simply not enjoying life, there are so many people hiding behind a smile and suffer by themselves.


One thing I thrive on is hearing and seeing success stories from people who have committed to training and eating a healthy, balanced diet. They might not have realised at the time, but this was their first step towards a better life. Unfortunately, there are so many people who push their health and fitness to the side, and let other day to day tasks become their priority. If only these people would realise how much better life can be, by simply adding activity and healthy eating!


As hard as it may sound to some, doing this for 2 weeks will not only improve your way of life, but also improve your mentality and mood.  I have seen people’s lives change dramatically in a short space of only a month or two!  It’s insane to think that so many people are quietly suffering behind closed doors and don’t know how to fix their situation. 


Fortunately for me I’ve been blessed to be a part of something special within Fitstop. Over the past 3 years I have had an impact on thousands of people’s lives and left a positive footprint on their Health and Fitness journey.  I have seen the most self-conscious, unhappy people blossom into new, healthier, happier humans. I have seen people go from struggling to run 200m for a warm up, to running marathons and finishing Triathlons! It’s unbelievable when you see transformations like this over a couple of months, and that is just the training side of it.  The other benefits include - more energy throughout the day, better sleeps at night, but ultimately, you will feel more relaxed and positive about yourself and your life!

It can be scary to start a new chapter in your life; most people hate to get out of their comfort zones and end up forever staying unhealthy and unhappy.


My biggest word of advice for anyone struggling to overcome a personal or mental problem is: GET ACTIVE!


Whether it is walking down the road once a day, swimming a lap or two at your local pool or jumping into a session at your closest Fitstop. DO SOMETHING!


Take that first step and help yourself enjoy life to the fullest.

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Anthony Stehbens

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