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What if I told you that there are things you can do right now to get you ready for the next 6-weeks to improve your results?


The term mindset does get thrown around a lot – and while it may not seem as important as nutrition and training, it is at the forefront of any success (personal, professional, health).


So, what are some things you can do RIGHT NOW to help you get started? 


1.    Put pen to paper. Set realistic goals. Yes, this is a 6-week challenge and we have proven and trusted methods to get you feeling great and working towards your goal in this time, but remember, it is 6-weeks, so your goals should be feasible and realistic. There is no point saying your goal is to lose 10kg of body weight and lose 10% body fat in 6-weeks, I’m sorry, but this isn’t realistic, or healthy.    You have chosen your overall goal within the Fitstop Portal so really think about some smaller goals that you can work towards.  If you have chosen the ‘Shred Body Fat’ plan, a realistic goal may be to lose 2% body fat and decrease a few kilos in body weight.  If you are a female and your overall goal is “Muscle Gain”, then you may be looking to increase up to 1kg of lean muscle in the 6-weeks.  Women take longer (and have a harder time) putting on muscle, so this would be a GREAT achievement.  So, with that being said.  What is realistic for YOU in the next 6 weeks?  And how can we put that goal into action. Setting a realistic goal is a great way to put thoughts into action.  So, grab a pen. What is your goal? And be specific.



2.    Another tip to mastering your mindset is to be positive. This may be easier said than done. Think about how your attitude would change towards the next 6 weeks if you started using positive phrases and thoughts. Instead of saying ‘I need to lose weight because I’m unhappy’, say ‘I am going to move to feel good and active, and ‘I can make changes with my body with the food I eat’.  Having this positive mindset can make a HUGE difference.  Just as an example, there are actually some studies which show that forcing a smile instead of a frown can activate certain neurological pathways in the body to increase the ‘happy / feel good’ chemicals. Even if it’s a forced smile. That’s amazing!


3.    The last little tip is positive affirmations & meditation.   This may sound a bit alternate, but bare with me.  There have been studies, which suggest meditation can decrease anxiety and depression, improve sleep (plus a whole lot more).  There are also some studies, which suggest saying a positive affirmation before mealtimes can help with digestion (by stimulating enzymes). Crazy, huh.  This does not need to be lengthy, and could be as simple as ‘I am thankful for this meal’, or taking 10 deep breathes in the morning as soon as you wake up. Adding some simple, realistic things like this into your day can ensure you’re getting in the right headspace and ready to hit your goals. 


At the end of the day, we want to see you succeed.  We hope to educate with the right foods to eat and how to train so that you can take this with you after the 6-weeks to continue with your results.  Getting your mindset right at the start of this challenge with a few of these tools is just one of the keys to getting you towards your goals. 


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Claudia Cramer

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