Kieren McMillian - Fitstop Morningside Refine You Challenger!

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Lost 6.4kg!
Lost 6.3% body fat!
Smashed fitness test by 4 minutes!

This is his story...

Describe your life before the challenge? How were you feeling?

Before the challenge I was feeling unmotivated, flat, lazy and generally unhappy with my health. I felt that the way I looked on the outside didn’t really represent the way I felt on the inside.

What made you decide to participate in the Refine You Challenge?

I had only recently made the decision to join Fitstop prior to the challenge beginning. I took the opportunity to join the challenge as a great way to help kick start a healthier and fitter way of life.

If any, what struggles did you overcome throughout the Challenge?

My biggest struggle was my fitness. The fast and fit classes were really daunting to me at the start as I knew how unfit I was. I made the decision right at the start of the challenge that I would go to all 4:15pm classes no matter what they were, knowing that eventually they would become less difficult.

Describe your life now. How are you feeling? What has changed for you?

Wow, where do I start with this question. I feel amazing. So much has changed in such a short period of time. I find myself looking in the mirror more often!  I am a happier person, a healthier person, a fitter person, but most of all I have a new group of people in my life that help support me and motivate me everyday - and that’s the Fitstop family.

Most importantly, what’s next in your fitness journey?

The journey for me won’t stop now that the challenge is over. It has created the foundation from which I can keep pushing myself, to keep smashing my goals. I’m looking forward to continuing to drop my body fat percentage and increasing my fitness.


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