The Importance Of Goal Setting

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The Importance Of Goal Setting

Week one of the Fitstop Challenge is incredibly important as it lays the foundation for creating positive change towards your goals. A key part of this success is your goal setting ability and creating a proactive strategy when doing so. To make this easier, we have stepped out some key goal focused questions that create the ‘My Commitment’ tab in the Fitstop Challenge via the App - and not to mention, VITAL for your success. 

This is where the saying 'fail to plan, plan to fail' becomes relevant. A lack of goal setting and planning can challenge your commitment, as can goal setting without the right support, resources and techniques. Thankfully we have some GREAT news; the Fitstop Challenge is here to truly support your goals! 

1. Major motivation for next 6 weeks? 

This is a pivotal question to define the goal that is most important to you. Importantly, each person is different with very different goals - the first step is to not compare yourself with other Challengers (yes, be motivated by them but know your results come from you). Perhaps you want to boost your confidence, gain muscle mass, create a more committed training routine, prepare for an important upcoming event or you simply want to elevate your performance. 

No matter what your key motivation is, Fitstop is going to help you increase your performance and achieve progression in your training - think about a key motivation that will be a byproduct of progressive performance. This will support your success in this Challenge. 

2. The reason why?

This question is integral as it allows for your motivation to be aligned with purpose (and increasing the chance of success). It’s time to dig deep and think about why this challenge is important to you. We know there is a big WHY; you have already taken the step to elevate your performance by signing up to the challenge in the first place. If your motivation was to increase your confidence, the WHY could be to ensure every area of your life (work, family and friends) can benefit from your hard work, confidence and overall happiness!

Throughout the challenge, we encourage you to continually reflect on your why and ensure that every goal and performance metric will allow you to achieve your desired outcome. 

3. How many times a week will you train? 

This goal tracking question is important (and easy) because attributing a number to a goal is easy to track as it leads to a success or failure result. We suggest you attend at least 3 x sessions a week to unleash your potential. Remember, the challenge is all about pushing your limits, but also maintaining sustainability post-challenge. Pick the number of sessions you realistically think you can commit to - whilst ensuring you have time scheduled out for recovery with our Flexible Series in the App each Sunday. 

Final Tips For Week 1 

Don’t underestimate yourself 

When completing the onboarding process and answering the key questions relating to goals, don’t undersell yourself. This challenge has been designed for people like you, who can push the limits of training and routine - we want this challenge to create a foundation to achieve outstanding results! 

Reach out for support 

Our challenge community is incredibly strong. Share your challenge goals with fellow Fitstoppers so you can keep each other motivated and accountable. It can also help sharing your challenge progress with your friends, family, housemates, workplace or via social media as a way to communicate your commitment to this challenge and ensure you receive their support. 

Goals provide guidance, but you’re not all the way yet 

Remember, achieving your goals starts with YOU. New routines take time, however to attain your goals, you may have to make slight changes to your habits; you may have to wake up earlier to make it to your Fitstop sessions or you may spend more time planning your meals. This is where it’s your time to shine and demonstrate your ability to work hard and stick to your commitments. 

Now, don’t let anything stop you from smashing the next 6 weeks! You’ve got this!

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