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Welcome to the Unstoppable Series // Round 4 - the final one for 2022! You’ve made the decision to give it your all and we’re so excited for you (and your future self). Let’s skip to the important stuff: this blog is going to be your bestie throughout th.e Series. We encourage you to review the weekly focuses every Sunday to help you stay on track, informed and ready to stop at nothing to get the results you want (sorry, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to say this 😂).

This Unstoppable Series, we’re really turning the heat up a notch because our goal is to get every single Fitstopper finish the year stronger than we started. The first step to this is keeping you in the loop so you know what to expect each week. 

We're here to make you UNSTOPPABLE, so let's go! 

Week 1

We like to think that you’ve got 6 weeks to get Game Day ready! Your 6 week program will include different elements in order to prepare your body and mind for Game Day, because getting to Game Day is so much more than completing your final session of the Series. It’s about seeing your performance genuinely improve and feeling fitter, faster and stronger than ever by really training for something! 

It all starts in week 1, so you need to: 

  • Find your heaviest sets of 3 reps and record them in your App! MON - Bench Press, TUES - Back Squat, THURS - Deadlifts, WED: Workout for Time.
  • Think about your PERFORMANCE based goals - AKA celebrate what your body can do rather than what it looks like! Pick a couple of movements in the gym to really focus on and get goal setting! 

Some ideas are:

  • Complete 5 push ups on your toes
  • Deadlift 60kg for 10 reps
  • Complete a Box Jump on a higher level
  • Complete 20 calories in under 60 seconds on the echo bike
  • think about how you feel to measure performance! 
  • Recovering from sessions in a shorter time
  • Lifting  the same weight more comfortably or for more reps
  • Using thinner bands (or no bands) for chin-ups! 

WEEK 1 PRIORITY: Attend your 3 x  booked sessions to kick start your routine and set your base!

Week 2

The energy for this week is to keep it simple and find your routine. Aim to hit 3-4 sessions, drink lots of water and focus on active recovery - e.g. hitting at least 8,000 steps everyday! 

This week we’re building the foundations of our movement patterns - PUSH, PULL, PRESS, SQUAT and HINGE, with higher reps at a moderate weight. You’ll be lifting at 60% as a minimum (hint: find your 60% in the Fitstop App!), but if you are more experienced (and this feels easy), feel free to go heavier and build from this weight. 

You’ll also want to prioritse RECOVERY this week (it’s also part of your achievements), because an increase in training load and volume = increase in your body’s recovery needs. 


Make sure you’re running the efforts at a fast pace that you can maintain throughout each effort. Think 80%,  and not being able to have a conversation while performing your effort (during your rest/recovery you can chat away!). 

Week 3 

In week 3, we see an increase in load and decrease in reps. You’re aiming to hit 80% of your 3RM at your final set for the main lifts, so it’s important to get to your sessions on time for the full warm up! The overall training this week has a combination of heavy compound lifts, explosive/athletic lifts + isolation work. 

For those of you on the ULTIMATE program; test that upper body muscular endurance with our 2 minutes of max push ups! Remember to choose a level appropriate to you so you can perform perfect reps with full range of motion! 

LEVEL 1: INCLINE (on a box/bench)



Don’t forget to tag us @fitstopfitness so we can check it out!

HIGHLIGHT OF THE WEEK: Saturday Sweat is our Game Day - partner edition! See where you’re at with the Game Day movements and identify which movements you might need to focus on for week 6!

Week 4

This week we are maintaining 80% of our 3RM with the goal to decrease the reps on our final set and push heavier than 80%! You will see lot’s of interval work throughout the week, so make sure you’re lifting at an intensity where you require this extra rest! There’s a big focus on the main lifts without any accessory movements to ensure you have more energy to give!

Fuel to perform! 

  • Increase intensity = increase fuel! 
  • Make sure you are eating to maximise the benefits from your training - aim for 30 mins after a session!

Eating within 30-60 minutes of a workout will help your recovery post session by assisting your muscles to repair and build but also ensure you are refueling for your next Fitstop session. Eating regularly can also help ensure you don’t get too hungry and feel the urge to overeat later on!

TRAINER TIP: WHY ARE WE INCLUDING PAUSE REPS IN THE PROGRAMMING? This week we’ll be featuring some pause and tempo work. This will help you get more comfortable in the HARDEST part of your main lifts and increase time under tension, both leading to better performance and improved strength!

Week 5

Let’s just say, week 5 is a big one! This week we are going for PEAK performance where you’ll be striving to hit a 3RM! Check the Fitstop App for guidance around what a PB could look like for you (105%)! 

You can expect heavy load through our LIFT sessions and a more consistent work rate through PERFORMS + CONDITION.

Lifting heavy and increasing intensity means we need to prioritse recovery + sleep! One of our favourite ways to recover and keep the blood pumping is active recovery through walking! Make sure you’re aiming for 12,000 steps a day to get your body absolutely firing and eliminate any DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness)!

SESSION NOT TO MISS: An old Fitstop Favourite will feature this Wednesday; none other than a thousands workout to get those endorphins pumping!!

Week 6

This is your final week in the Unstoppable Series Round 4! 

It’s all about finishing strong with Game Day; you can think of it as your ticket to finish the Series whether that’s through selecting ‘PLAY’ to complete your sessions with your community or ‘COMPETE’ where you push your limits against others. 

We also encourage youl to reflect over the past 6 weeks to identify what went well and most importantly, what didn’t go to plan? Did you spike too early? Dropped your sessions mid series? The good thing that is your training and Fitstop journey doesn’t need to end after the Series - this is what sustainability is all about. So, keep your focus and keep pushing your limits! 

SESSION NOT MISS: It goes without saying; GAME DAY! This is your location’s celebration! Get around your Fitstop family and finish the 6 week series as a community - work hard and give it your all!  

As a nice little treat, you’ll be experiencing snippets of the Game Day workout throughout the weekly sessions to get your body prepared! 


The Unstoppable Series is here to work for you, for your lifestyle and to unleash your inner-athlete like never before. Every Unstoppable Series we get more and more proud of our Fitstoppers; we can’t wait to see where this one takes you! So, let’s go ahead and FINISH THE YEAR STRONGER THAN WE STARTED? 

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