Autumn '21 Starts 15 May
The Fitstop Challenge is a 6 week program focused on improving your performance and building healthy lifestyle habits through progressive training and sustainable nutrition.

6 Weeks to elevate your performance

  • Choose your major motivations and list your ‘WHY?’
  • Set your goals for you to work towards or achieve
  • Log your current and intended habits - training, nutrition, sleep, water - and stay accountable
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  • Benchmark your strength and fitness capabilities
  • Track your progress with Inbody scan metrics
  • 6 week periodisation training block, improving overall strength and fitness
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  • A nutrition guide based on your goals and metrics
  • A library filled with delicious, seasonal recipes
  • Quick, simple and creative recipe options
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Autumn '21
  • The Fitstop Challenge in the Fitstop App
  • 2 x Inbody Composition Scans
  • New commitment and goal setting tools
  • Simplified performance benchmarking tools
  • 30+ Fitstop sessions per week* with an active Fitstop Membership
  • Nutrition guide informed by goals and scan results
  • Recipe Library with simple, quick and creative options

$149 for members

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Is it beneficial to do more than one challenge?
How does the nutrition guide work?
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