Tips for reengaging your members after COVID

In Australia we are seeing the beginning of the end of COVID-19 as we start to ramp up for re-opening of training studios in Victoria. It’s time to start planning for reopen and re-engaging your members. The truth is throughout the shutdown period as a business owner you should have been engaging with your members the entire time, but if you haven’t it’s not too late to start but the conversations need to be happening now to condition your members back into training at your studio.


Keeping in mind not all of your members will feel safe to come back to the gym due to this pandemic, and that is ok, do not force these members into coming back and make them feel uncomfortable. It is however vital that you communicate with your members the new rules and how you plan to keep your members safe. At Fitstop we have a strict no towel, no train policy, capped class sizes, decreased equipment sharing and increased cleaning protocols.  

A few tips to engage with your community:

1.     Announce on your website and social media when you plan to reopen 

2.    Call, text and email your membership base weekly

3.    Engage in your community pages about your reopen

4.    Offer exclusive content to your members

5.    Support local by collaborating with other local businesses within your area


Remember when talking to your members keep the conversations light-hearted, see how they have been going training during COVID and remind them why they were training at your studio the first place.

Our Fitstop owners are in a fortunate space within the fitness industry which has been hit so hard. Being a functional group studio, we are able to work within the bounds of the laws set out by federal and state governments whilst changing our workouts slightly to maintain space between members. 

Looking on the bright side, it’s been a huge opportunity for our owners to not just re-engage their community but growing their membership bases and catering to a part of the market that can’t be serviced by their standard gyms.  

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Rebecca Hull

Franchise Recruitment Manager

Fitstop Franchise Recruitment Manager, Rebecca, combines her love of fitness and experience as a Senior Recruitment Consultant to help progress passionate people into owning their own successful fitness business.